Students in grades 4 through 6 are given the standardized test in either math or english, according to their needs.

Parents are consulted to gain additional insight into their child’s interests, executive function skills, and learning styles and preferences.

All of this information is then integrated into an individual academic program to address the specific needs of their student; usually as a math or english tutoring program.

Skills addressed may include understanding numbers, arithmetic methods, pre-algebra concepts and practice, interpreting and solving word problems, reading and writing skills, reading comprehension, vocabulary development, and phonics and grammar skills.

Classes for academic acceleration are also available for specific curricula in the following subjects: ESL, english, math, and science.

Summer sessions are also available.

Individual tutors will address study and organizational skills as needed according to their personal observations of each student and conversations with parents.

Tutoring in other subjects such as science and social studies is also available upon request.

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