Colleges and universities expect their prospective students to have had experiences beyond the classroom.

To help students fulfill this expectation, most schools provide a wide array of extracurricular activities – from chess clubs to cheerleading, from future teachers to ski club, from jazz bands to environmental clubs.

These activities not only develop talents and knowledge, but also develop team building and leadership skills.

Choosing the right mix of activities is important to help students determine their passions and discover potential career choices they may not have considered.

The Potens advisors have specific knowledge of what is available at our area schools, and can recommend appropriate activities to fit each student’s needs, interests, and goals.

For more mature students, internships, volunteer opportunities, and community service programs take extracurricular activities beyond the school confines.

These types of activities can provide career contacts and real-world experiences above what is available at their school.

Our advisors match our students with programs of interest to further enhance their experience, their resume, and their potential career choices.

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