The head director collects and analyzes information about specific colleges and universities from a variety of sources.

This is a private information, so we cannot open the sources.

This information is updated annually.

The director’s detailed information goes beyond simply the specific requirements for each school.

He also tracks the test scores, academic achievement levels, and essay subjects of students who were accepted to each school the previous year.

This information, together with our in-depth knowledge of each prospective student, provides a strong basis for helping our students select the most optimal schools and programs to which they should apply.

Their chances of acceptance are increased through working with us since we offer students and parents in-depth information on the requirements they need to fulfill in order to gain acceptance to their chosen schools.

We also structure student-specific adjunctive academic programs that will help them to achieve their goals.

To meet application deadlines, students are assisted in completing the application forms, coached in how to write a most effective essay for each specific school to which they are applying, and assisted in creating and following a work schedule that will keep them on track for meeting the various deadlines.

Our college application service helps to decrease the stress levels of what is typically a very stressful process.

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