At The Potens, we offer skilled tutoring and mentoring to help students’ dreams materialize into their brightest possible futures.

Our programs are individually tailored to each student’s abilities and interests, in order to help them maximize their success.

We begin by assessing each student’s skill and knowledge levels using appropriate standardized tests.

Our evaluation process continues with in-depth consultations with parents and their students.

Finally, an individualized plan is developed for each student, to enhance his or her areas of interest and address areas in need of improvement.

Our academic programs include individual tutoring, classes for academic acceleration, and classes for test preparation.

The Potens is unique because we offer a variety of services to support students’ success that other tutoring centers do not provide.

We offer aptitude and interest matching using the MBTI evaluation, consulting to connect parents and students with teachers, activity advising to enhance students’ learning programs with extracurricular activities and volunteer opportunities that enrich their learning and life experience, and college application coaching to guide students through their process.

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